Support Groups

Second Growth’s support groups for adolescents and young adults are free, confidential, and totally accessible.
An experienced, professional counselor facilitates each group, through the generosity of our community sponsors.


  • Better Choices Program

    Fork-in-road Traffic sign image imposed on green leaf-reads: Better ChoicesThe Better Choices Program is an early-intervention resource for young people who have been involved in a first offense of:

    • substance abuse
    • violence
    • shoplifting/vandalism

    The program is a short-term, goal-oriented, skills-building experience that assists participants using an asset-development approach, to:

    Improve their skills for understanding and managing emotions that have created personal challenges
    Expand their network of positive support
    Develop planning and problem-solving strengths needed for greater success in education, employment, arts, or athletics
    Gather essential information about critical areas of risk behavior they need, to make more informed choices
    Engage in an honest look at the impact of their harmful choices and make plans for appropriate reparations

    Better Choices is an adaptable framework for brief intervention of 4-6 sessions, which may be used as individual or group support in school or community settings. The program engages participants in a dialogue about building stronger connections with people, places, and things that matter in their lives. While our approach is free from shame or blame, the program respectfully promotes the development of a greater sense of personal responsibility in each participant. The harm reduction program is built on the belief that delivering the right amount of the right service, at the right time, will best help youth to redirect destructive behavior into truly better choices.

    Please fill-out our counseling intake form: 

    To schedule an appointment call: 802-295-9800.

  • Individual & Family Counseling

    Three people connected image imposed on green leaf-reads: Counseling-Individual & FamilyThe Second Growth staff works hard to deliver the best service that money can buy to many individuals who may not be able to afford to buy any service at all. We only have a limited number of available appointments for individual counseling because of our staff size. We are a first choice for many referral sources not because of affordability, but because of the unique style of our support. Second Growth has effectively served many who have not been helped elsewhere.

    Unique to Second Growth’s style of service is our primary focus on engaging and retaining clients in a meaningful exchange that produces positive change in a brief intervention. We work to remove barriers that commonly prevent client access to services, offering uncommon flexibility regarding cost, schedule, and meeting place. With a special value placed on the immediate creation of emotional and physical safety, Second Growth maintains a client-centered service.

    Second Growth uses a well-defined, but still flexible, framework that promotes an honest dialogue between counselor and client. Especially helpful for resistant clients, this brief intervention can be an important first step in identifying their specific needs and building a personalized plan to address a range of self-destructive behaviors, which may include substance abuse, anger or violence, and other risky business.

    As needed, Second Growth takes on a greater commitment with selected clients who have greater needs and a willingness to invest in the process of change. The emerging relationship between counselor and client can develop into a powerful therapeutic alliance that supports positive change.

    We collaborate with the education, healthcare, social service, and legal systems to insure the well-being of our clients. When schedules allow, our staff members attend treatment team meetings, court hearings, special education meetings, and other important planning sessions in support of the best outcomes. Whenever possible, we work with parents as well as children to help families become healthier.

    Our counseling services are supported in part by the Byrne Foundation, and contributions from other generous donors.

    Please fill-out our counseling intake form: 

    To schedule an appointment call: 802-295-9800.

Coaching for Captains

Core Training Dates


Monday, April 7, 2014
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Kilton Library–West Lebanon, NH

Monday, May 5, 2014
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Kilton Library–West Lebanon, NH

Green Leaves and branches, reads Coaching for CaptainsCoaching for Captains Mission is to inspire and prepare teen athletes to become role models and leaders in their community.

At school visits, regional trainings, and monthly workshops, we use experiential learning to educate, support and develop leadership skills and healthy behaviors. The program builds the resilience of young athletes to navigate adolescence safely with a vision for a positive future.  Read More… 


School Programs

Serving the school community in several ways, our Student Assistance Program’s staff also present professional development training for faculty, in addition to delivering programs on substance abuse and violence prevention lessons for students in health education classes and offering evening forums for parents on critical adolescent issues. Student Assistance Programs

The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program is to promote safety and success of all students, while confronting dangerous and destructive behaviors as they first become known. Helping students to address the root causes of their own troubles in school, home, or in the community, the Student Assistance Program offers scripted, brief interventions that are goal-driven, content consistent, and measurable. We provide students with individual and group support regarding the issues of substance abuse, anger/assault, bullying/harassment, depression, anxiety, or stress. 

Learn More about School Programs


  • Al-Anon / Alateen

    Peer support for friends and family who have a relationship with an alcoholic.
    National Al-Anon / Alateen
    New Hampshire Al-Anon / Alateen (877) 825-2666
    Vermont Al-Anon / Alateen (866) 927-5266

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    Peer support to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
    Alcoholics Anonymous
    (802) 295-7611 (White River Jct, VT answering service)
    (603) 622-6967 (to talk to a live person)

  • Underage Drinking Risks for Parents

    Click here to view information about the risks.

  • Brattleboro Retreat

    Anna Marsh Lane
    Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
    (802) 738-7328
    all ages/males and females/Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance/self-pay
    co-occurring mental health opiate treatment with Buprenorphine

  • 5 Key Prevention Messages Regarding Marijuana

    Click here to view the evidence-based key prevention messages regarding marijuana.

  • Brattleboro Retreat

    Anna Marsh Lane
    Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
    (802) 738-7328
    all ages/males and females/Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance/self-pay/sliding fee scale

  • Concussion Survey

    Click here for the results of the NH Concussion Survey conducted by the Injury Prevention Center at Dartmouth.
    Information about concussion and brain injury is also available on their website.

  • Clara Martin Center

    39 Fogg Farm Road
    Wilder, Vermont
    (802) 295-1311
    Clara Martin Center
    All ages/males and females/Medicare/Medicaid/Private insurance/self-pay/sliding fee scale

  • Medication Drop Box Locations

    You can help prevent prescription drug abuse.

    Prescription drugs are the most common substances abused by America's youth.  Young people trying drugs for the first time are more likely to try prescription medications than marijuana.  

    Much of these abused prescription drugs come from the medicine cabinets of family members and friends.

    Click here for more information and to find out how to properly dispose of prescription medications.

  • Headrest

    non-medical detox/sobriety maintenance/transitional living
    14 Church Street
    Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766
    (603) 448-4872
    adult males and females/self-pay/sliding fee scale

  • Health Care and Rehabilitative Services of SE Vermont

    49 School Street
    Hartford, Vermont 05047
    (888) 888-5144
    all ages/males and females/Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance/self-pay/sliding fee scale

  • Nar-Anon, Cocaine Anonymous

    Peer support for friends and family of addicts.
    Nar-Anon, Cocaine Anonymous (603)882-3000 x2467 (Manchester, New Hampshire)

  • Narcotics Anonymous/NA

    Peer support to stay clean.
    Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
    (603) 645-4777 (New Hampshire)
    (802) 773-5575 (Vermont 24 hour helpline)

  • Phoenix House Dublin Center

    long-term residential treatment
    3 Pierce Road
    Dublin, New Hampshire 03444
    (603) 563-8501
    adult males and females/self-pay/sliding fee scale

  • Second Wind Foundation/Willow Grove

    200 Olcott Drive
    White River Junction, Vermont 05001
    (802) 295-5206
    adult females/Medicare/Medicaid/Private insurance/self-pay

  • Turning Point Club

    Community center for people in recovery from substance abuse, addiction and addictive behavior.
    Second Wind Foundation
    200 Olcott Drive
    Wilder, Vermont 05088
    (802) 295-5206

  • Valley Vista

    23 Upper Plain Road
    Bradford, Vermont 05033
    (802) 222-5201
    teens/adult females/Medicare/Medicaid/Private insurance/self-pay/sliding fee scale
    co-occurring mental health opiate treatment with Buprenorphine, evidence-based teen care

  • Veteran's Administration Medical Center

    215 North Main Street
    White River Junction, Vermont 05001
    (802) 295-9636
    all ages/males and female veterans and their families only/military insurance

  • Wits End for Parents

    Wits End is a place of support for parents/guardians whose adolescent or adult child is using alcohol, marijuana, heroin or other drugs.

    You are not alone!

    You can join other families for this open and confidential support group. Supported by the Second Wind Foundation, a drug & alcohol counselor serves as a facilitator and provides professional support and education to this group.

    Every Monday 6-7:30 pm at the Turning Point Club, 200 Olcott Drive, Wilder, Vermont   (802) 295-1939

    Click here to view the Wits End brochure.

  • West Central Behavioral Health

    Adult Services, Recovery Center North, and Child and Family Center
    85 Mechanic Street
    Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766
    (603) 448-1101
    all ages/males and females/Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance/self-pay/sliding fee scale


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