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Coaching for Captains’ Mission is to inspire and prepare teen athletes to become role models and leaders in their community.

At school visits, regional trainings, and monthly workshops, we use experiential learning to educate, support and develop leadership skills and healthy behaviors. The program builds the resilience of young athletes to navigate adolescence safely with a vision for a positive future.

Coaching for Captains Registration for the 2016-17 Class is Open:

What is Coaching for Captains?

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A leadership development program for high school athletes which promotes a culture of success on and off the field of play.
The program:

  • Inspires and equips student athletes to be courageous and informed peer leaders to address risky behaviors
  • Builds the resilience of young athletes to navigate adolescence safely and with a vision for a positive future
  • Teaches teens to be stronger communicators for confident self-expression, self-care, relationship building, teamwork and conflict resolution

What is in it for the participants?

Coaching for captains addresses the aspects of athletics that physical conditioning and practice do not. Participants can gain an edge over their competition by working on the mental, social, and emotional parts of the game.

Who should participate?

  • Sophomores are the target audience, however freshmen and juniors can participate as well
  • Student athletes who are interested in improving their life skills and making a difference in their community
  • Athletes who are rising leaders–not just for captains

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Results from the 2013/2014 Program Year are in; view the summary here: