Second Growth's mission is to reduce substance abuse and violence for adolescents. We work in schools and in the community to provide training, individual counseling, group support, and prevention education for young people. We strive to build the strength and resiliency skills of youth in order to improve their outcomes and help them safely navigate adolescence.

Second Growth News

Second Growth has been serving Upper Valley families since August 2000 with a mission to provide prevention education, therapeutic treatment, and recovery supports to people in our community regardless of their ability to pay. That is a tall order!  Fortunately we can rely on the multitude of donors, grant funders, and corporate sponsors whose support […]

Youth Programs

Coaching for Captains’ Mission is to inspire and prepare teen athletes to become role models and leaders in their community. At school visits, regional trainings, and monthly workshops, we use experiential learning to educate, support and develop leadership skills and healthy behaviors. The program builds the resilience of young athletes to navigate adolescence safely with a vision for a positive future.

Suicide Prevention

If you or someone you love are at risk of suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention LIFELINE at 800-273-8255 or take the person to the emergency room.

Second Growth offers three Connect Suicide Prevention and Postvention Training programs for community members and educators, from the National Mental Health Alliance of New Hampshire (NAMI NH).