School Programs

Our counselors  providing the Student Assistance Program (SAP) collaborate with school administration, staff, and other community support professionals to promote the safety and success of members of the school community. With individual counseling, providers engage students to evaluate choices and build skills to prevent a continuum of self-destructive choices. Assessments and referrals are utilized, as needed, to provide the highest level of support to students.

The SAP counselors partner with educators in classrooms to bring prevention education to multiple ages and encourage students to make positive choices for a healthy lifestyle. Our SAP providers also engage in community and parent discussions to bring education on substance misuse to the forefront.

In addition to prevention education, our Student Assistance Providers work with the education, healthcare, social service, and legal systems to ensure the well-being of our clients. As a point of entry into a system of care, the SAPs serve as a bridge from risk to resource for students.

Please contact Heidi Postupack for more information about our Student Assistance Programs,