Support Groups & Counseling

We have multiple counseling programs and support groups. Information is below; you can jump directly to the Better Choices Program or Support Groups.

Individual & Family Counseling

Counseling: Individual and Family logoSecond Growth staff provide treatment, counseling, and recovery support to young people and families struggling with the complex issues of addiction or substance misuse. Our counselors use a compassionate and motivating style to engage clients in conversations about behaviors leading to substance abuse and work to build new skills to develop resiliency for a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Individual counseling can include:

  • Full Assessments
  • Urine Screenings
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Referrals for additional levels of care, as needed
  • Supplemental counseling for medication-assisted treatment for opiate addiction

Second Growth counselors are a good resource for parents or caregivers concerned about their adolescent’s marijuana, alcohol, or other substance abuse. If your adolescent is not ready for help, this does not mean you should not access support for yourself and your family. Counselors are skilled at reinforcing healthy behaviors and helping parents set clear boundaries to reduce adverse and risky behaviors.

To schedule an appointment call 802-295-9800.

Better Choices Program

Better Choices counseling program logoThe Better Choices Program is an early-intervention resource for young people who have been involved in a first offense of substance abuse, violence, and shoplifting/vandalism. The program is a short-term, goal-oriented, skills-building experience that assists participants using an asset-development approach.

     Participants learn to:
  • Improve their skills for understanding and managing emotions that have created personal challenges
  • Expand their network of positive support
  • Develop planning and problem-solving strengths needed for greater success in education, employment, arts, or athletics
  • Gather essential information about critical areas of risk behavior they need, to make more informed choices
  • Engage in an honest look at the impact of their harmful choices and make plans for appropriate reparations

Better Choices is an adaptable framework for brief intervention of 4-6 sessions, which may be used as individual or group support in school or community settings. The program engages participants in a dialogue about building stronger connections with people, places, and things that matter in their lives. While our approach is free from shame or blame, the program respectfully promotes the development of a greater sense of personal responsibility in each participant. The harm reduction program is built on the belief that delivering the right amount of the right service, at the right time, will best help youth to redirect destructive behavior into truly better choices.

Please fill out our counseling intake form: 

To schedule an appointment call: 802-295-9800.


Support Groups

Second Growth’s support groups for adolescents and young adults are free, confidential, and facilitated by an experienced counselor. Please contact us for more information about the details of each group before attending your first meeting: (802) 295-9800.

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Parents Together is a collaboration between The Family Place and Second Growth. Many thanks to Boyle Community Pediatrics and the Vermont Community Foundation for their generous funding of this program.

The goal of this group is to support parents in recovery while strengthening their parenting skills.

The group will utilize a skill-building program for eight weeks using the Circle of Security curriculum. The goals of the curriculum include enhancing relationships between parents and children, recovery support, improving communication skills and increasing self-care.

Participants of the group will include parents, partners of parenting adults with substance abuse dependence or addiction including those in treatment and recovery.

Parents Together is a supportive environment for parents in recovery. For the benefit of participants and their families, Second Growth and The Family Place offer the following supports:

  • Professional childcare provided during classes
  • With advanced notice, some transportation is available upon request
  • Attendance rewards for participants

To register for the upcoming class, please click on the “Parents Together” link above or below.  For more information about when the next group begins, please contact Second Growth at or call (802) 295-9800.


Young Men’s Recovery Group

Getting Clear support group logoMondays 6:00-7:00 pm

• Young Men’s Recovery Group •
A discussion group specifically for young men, ages 16-30, who are making an effort to strengthen their own substance abuse recovery and find greater balance in their lives.

Group meets Mondays 6-7 pm at 2 Park Street in Lebanon, NH, with Donlon Wade, LADC.

For information, contact our office (802) 295-9800 or email